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Tomoki Hachijo (八条 司稀, Hachijō Tomoki) is the student council president of Kouki Academy who is secretly Bird, another member of Logos working with Mythos. He turns himself to the police in order to allow Mythos access the 'Ro' of the Orochi system. When Mythos is arrested, he leaves the country, but returns after finding out about Mythos release. He was hired by Kotaro Inagi to enhance his popularity by providing Wilwears, but when he suggested a plan that was too much even to Inagi, he ordered his death. Easily faking his death, when Inagi was exposed, he hijacked an important satellite with the intention of making it crash and destroy Tokyo for the sake of his own amusement.




Bird is another member of Logos who makes a deal with the Police and betrays Mythos.


  • The name Tomoki means "officer, boss" (司) (tomo) and "rare, uncommon, unusual" (稀) (ki).
  • Tomoki's surname Hachijo means "eight" (八) (hachi) and "article" (条) (jo).